Question 989

“Did we just get pre-engaged last Sunday,” I asked him via text. It was one very late night and I was pretty sure he was already crashed out, so I prayed that the message tone wouldn’t stir him up. It was meant to be read at a later time. I had added a “haha” to connote … Continue reading

Question 670

There is no substitute for the gasp of excitement he made as I was sliding his birthday cake out of the box. Careful, careful – I could hear him uttering under his breath, his hands ready to grab the cake just in case I would get assailed by my own clumsiness and crash it onto … Continue reading

Question 1246

I could write more about this but I choose not to. His Instagram post, however,  should throw some light on the question. (This is my coolmate. She’s been supporting me with all that’s important to me: family, church, school, work, and my band. Thank you for being there, coolmate.) I used to think giving someone … Continue reading

Question 1216

In the summer of ’93, our local parish announced that they were to open the first kindergarten in our town. I can only imagine excited mothers rushing off to enroll their children immediately after hearing the news, whereas my mothers, by whom I mean my grandmother and my aunt, were as much in the dark as … Continue reading

Life’s Maudlin Moment

Not a single morning goes by that I don’t imagine waking up to these seemingly frail arms. For one more time, will you scoop me to your chest again, say “hush baby don’t cry”. Let me snuggle right into you right here, right now. For one more time, Ma.

It’s Been a Year with Her

Originally posted on Flourishing and Blessed:
It’s about time Addie and I celebrate our very first anniversary. We decided to have dinner in a Greek restaurant with my family. She said that it’s so mainstream if we would have dinner alone, so better invite my family in, since they are the ones who care most for…

Question 1223

That I love the boy. He came into my life when I was least expecting it, when I was not really looking. It was my eldest sister, Jing, who introduced him to me. It was not love at first sight, like the last time. It was more of like “Really? Him? Oh…kay.” It was not long … Continue reading

For Want of A Better Story

“Which cat was caught meowing and yowling because she got trapped inside the toilet for more or less than one hour?” asks the human. “Which cat was that?” Yao Ming replied. In her most innocent form.

Question 1189

Standing before her 2nd grade pupils, Mrs. Segismundo held a yellow cardboard high enough for everyone in the classroom to see. On the cardboard were cutout pictures of men doing different things. One was fishing; the other one was doing farm work. There was a man with a suitcase and another with a police gun. The … Continue reading