Question 1246


I could write more about this but I choose not to. His Instagram post, however,  should throw some light on the question.


(This is my coolmate. She’s been supporting me with all that’s important to me: family, church, school, work, and my band. Thank you for being there, coolmate.)

I used to think giving someone a material gift was the BEST way to show your love to them (yep, me and my shallow thinking, errbody), but then again who was I kidding? Gift-giving is not my strong suit.

Your turn to answer, my friends.:)

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18 thoughts on “Question 1246”

    1. TRUE.

      At times, though, I hear people (myself included) say “I’m too busy. I don’t have time.” This then reminds me of Scott Berkun’s Mindfire. He wrote, “What people really mean when they say ‘I don’t have time’ is that this particular thing is not important enough to earn their time. It’s a polite way to tell people they’re not worthy.”

      1. mmmm now I wonder what’s behind that, But when people don’t feel the ‘time’ to listen to your thoughts would they be worth keeping around? if that makes sense?:)

  1. I simply do my best to embody my love for them in my words and actions. Sometimes they get it, other times not. That probably has as much to do with them as it has to do with me. If their response disappoints me then it wasn’t actually love.

  2. I give time. Like regular small talks, I listen even to the most ridiculous ideas in the world, followed by awkward laughs. Next would be gift giving. ^_^

  3. I do something unexpected around the house. My wife likes when I do things for her. That is more meaningful than material gifts.

    The most important thing for me, though, is never speaking anything negative about her. Ever. I never say anything negative about my wife to anyone (well, not in the way of criticism, I mean).

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