Question 670

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There is no substitute for the gasp of excitement he made as I was sliding his birthday cake out of the box. Careful, careful – I could hear him uttering under his breath, his hands ready to grab the cake just in case I would get assailed by my own clumsiness and crash it onto the floor.

But no. I was not going to let that happen. I knew better than that. His last birthday cake was for his seventh birthday. He hadn’t had any more since, or so I was told. So, no. I’m not ruinin’ it – that was his childhood right there!

Careful, careful. You bet I was. I managed to take the cake out of its box safely and in one piece. “Happy birthday!” I chirped.

Birthday cake

He first goggled at this beauty – I love how his eyes sparkled here – for a good minute before looking me in the eye and mouthing “thank you”.

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6 thoughts on “Question 670”

    1. Thanks, Anju.

      I don’t usually think that way about him. I am more caught up in the fact that having him in my life is a blessing. But I try to make little efforts such as this to show him how grateful I am for his love and friendship.:)

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